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Open Cloud Day 2016

The Open Cloud Day 2016 took place on Thursday, 16 June 2016 in Winterthur.

Place        ZHAW, Technikumstrasse 9, 8400 Winterthur, Building TL-201 (site plan)
Date         16 June 2016
Time         08:30-17:30
Audience 130-180 participants

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Main track

1_Thomas Bohnert - ZHAW

2_Alan Gherhardi - UBS

3_Antoine Coetsier - Exoscale

4_Jens-Christian Fischer - SWITCH

5_Maximilian Schöffmann - Container Solutions Switzerland

6_Tobias Brunner - Thomas Philipona - Puzzle ITC

7_Men Beglinger - Acceleris

8_Christoph Marti - ZHAW

9_Lukas Lehmann - Swisscom

10_Steven Henzen - T-Systems Switerzland

11_Piyush Harsh - ZHAW

12_Michael Eichenberger - stepping stone GmbH

13_Philipp Leitner - University of Zurich

14_Cyrill von Wattenwyl - Adfinis SyGroup

15_Sacha Dubois - Red Hat Switzerland

SDN Track

1_Irena Trajkovska - ZHAW

2_Alexander Stoklasa - Cisco

3_Marcel Wiget - Juniper

4_Luca Prete - Open Networking Laboratory

5_Jürgen Luksch - Brocade Communications GmbH

6_Attilla de Groot - Cumulus Networks

7_Georgios Kathareios - IBM Research

8_Sébastian Keller - Arista Networks

9_Laurent Vanbever - ETH

10_Sasaki Takayuki - NEC Research Labs

11_Douglas Copas - Swisscom

Motivation and Goal

The Open Cloud Day 2016 is all about promoting open cloud technologies and the interoperability of clouds. We aim to bring together the companies and academic institutions and deepen the understanding of the latest trends and technologies in cloud computing.

On this day we bring together another important event in the area of Cloud Computing: the SDN Workshop! This is a joint activity between the Service Engineering Research Group of the ZHAW and SWITCH. The SDN Switzerland group meets biannually to promote and share knowledge and implement new applications in the area of Software Defined Networking in the cloud. The workshop allows a full picture of ICT approaches, industry solutions, innovations and research results on SDN. The group is mainly represented by Swiss entities however, research labs from around the world are invited and represented.

In addition to the main track and the SDN workshop, a parallel track of tutorials/workshops will take place where you can get some hands-on insight into new and current cloud technologies and apply your learning right away.

During the breaks demos on the several open source softwares, developed by the Service Engineering group, will be showcased. 

The OCD 2016 will be carried out by CH Open, SE Group ZHAW, SwissICT, and Schweizer Informatik Gesellschaft SI.

Open Cloud Day-Sponsors 2016





Detailed program


Software Defined Network Track



Opening and Registration


Prof. Thomas M. Bohnert, Head, Service Engineering, ZHAW

"Cloud and Robots - Making Inroads"




Alan Gherardi, Head Platform as a Service & Middleware, UBS  "Connecting the dots"




Antoine Coetsier, Founder & CEO, Exoscale
"PaaS is dead, is it?"

Irena Trajkovska, Researcher, ZHAW
"SDN service in NFVI environment and evaluation measurements"



Pause - Ausstellung und Demos


Jens-Christian Fischer, Product Owner SWITCHengines, SWITCH
"Building a successful Cloud Service by not selling Cloud"

Alexander Stoklasa, Customer Solution Architect, Cisco  "Policy based Networking for Microservices with Cisco Contiv"

Workshop 2:

Giovanni Toffetti, ZHAW
"Kubernetes in action"





Maximilian Schöffmann, CEO, Container Solutions Switzerland

"Beyond 12 factor: Developing Cloud Native Application"

Marcel Wiget, Senior Consulting Engineer, Juniper
"Snabb Switch meets Juniper Networks vMX"


Thomas Philipona, CTO, Puzzle ITC
"Real-world Continuous Delivery Workflow with - Swiss Enterprise PaaS"

Luca Prete, Open Networking Laboratory  "ONOS and CORD: about the Platforms, Deployments and their Communities"


Men Beglinger, Manager Datacenter Management, Acceleris
"How to build a public Cloud"

Jürgen Luksch, Systems Engineer vADC, Brocade Communications GmbH
"Application Delivery in Distributed Systems Architectures"


Mittagessen - Ausstellung und Demos


Christof Marti, Senior Researcher, ZHAW
"Cloud Native Application management needs simple, reliable and flexible tooling"

Attilla de Groot, Systems Engineer, Cumulus Networks
"Open Networking within an OpenStack Implementation"

Workshop 1:

Oliver Gierke, Pivotal  "Building Cloud Native Apps with Spring"


Lukas Lehmann, Product Owner Application Cloud, Swisscom
"Bring your Cloud Native Application to production in no time"

Georgios Kathareios, IBM Research
"Scalable High Resolution (SD) Network Monitoring for 100Gbps Fabrics"



Steven Henzen, Head of Innovations & Technology, T-Systems Switzerland
"PaaS  - Perfect for fully maximizing the benefits of DevOps"

Sébastien Keller, System Engineer EMEA, Arista Networks
"The Universal Cloud Network"


15:15Piyush Harsh, Senior Researcher, ZHAW
"Cyclops : Billing Beyond the Clouds!"

 Laurent Vanbever, Assistant Professor, ETH
"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush". Boosting existing networks with Software-Defined Networking.


Pause - Ausstellung und Demos


Michael Eichenberger, Founder & CEO, stepping stone GmbH 
"Sizing your OpenStack Cloud deployment"

Takayuki Sasaki, NEC Research Labs
"Supercharging SDN Security"



Philipp Leitner, Senior Research Associate, University of Zurich
"How predictable is the performance of IaaS instances? Some insights from benchmarking  EC2, GCE, Azure, and Softlayer."

Douglas Copas, Senior Cloud Engineer, Swisscom

"Swisscom's journey with SDN in OpenStack"



Cyrill von Wattenwyl, System Engineer, Adfinis SyGroup
"Kubernetes, OpenShift, Deis - an overview of PaaS solutions"

Open Discussion and Wrap up session



Sacha Dubois, Solution Architect Infrastructure, Red Hat Switzerland  "Container Management with OpenShift Red Hat" 


Ende der Veranstaltung / Apéro Riche

Cloud Foundry DACH User Group Meetup from 18:30 to 20:00

CF Summit Update & beyond CF push


About the SDN Track

The SDN Switzerland Group is an independent initiative initiated by SWITCH and the ICCLab (ZHAW) in 2013. The aim of the SDN Switzerland is to organize SDN workshops addressing topics from Research, academic ICTs (Operations), and the Industry (Implementation forms on SDN). This constitution allow us to bring together knowledge and use the synergy of an interdisciplinary group for future steps also in collaboration.

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