Wednesday, the 30th of May 2018 at ZHAW in Winterthur

  8:30  Opening and Registration
  9:00  Looking beyond the Buzz of Edge Computing Thomas Michael Bohnert, ZHAW School of Engineering
  9:45  Accelerating your journey to the Hybrid Cloud with Ansible Tower Sacha Dubois, Red Hat
10:30 Break

Auditorium Room Workshop 1
Applications modernization journey - The four R's
Alexandre Menezes Microsoft
11:00 How and why we deploy OpenStack virtual environments
Benedikt Trefzer  Cirrax GmbH
Aufbau einer oVirt Infrastruktur mit anschliessendem Monitoring (Deutsch)
Markus Frei und Sandro Lang, Linuxfabrik GmbH
CI/CD in the Cloud
Valentina Lanz Diso AG
11:30 Cloudware and Beyond: Engineering Methods and Tools
Josef Spillner ZHAW Service Prototyping Lab
CNCF - What happened in one year
Tobias Brunner VSHN AG
12:15 Kubernetes Florian Kammermann Swisscom
12:30 Playing the vault
Marcus Holthaus IMSEC
12:45 Lunch

  Auditorium Room Workshop 2
13:45 Hyper-Scaling on Openstack with Open Source tooling: A use case in deploying hyper-scale grid computing on open Telekom cloud
Thomas Weber, Huawei Technologies
13:45 Web Application Firewall - Friend of your DevOps Chain?
Franziska Bühler POST CH AG
14:15 Privacy & GDPR: What do I need to do?
Michael P. Hofmann 7iSolutions AG
14:30 Ansible for all the clouds
René Moser SWISS TXT
14:45 If (network == server) { magic happens }
Attilla de Groot Cumulus Networks

15:15 Break
15:45 Benchmarking CEPH's BlueStore Niklaus Hofer stepping stone GmbH
16:30 Running a cloud - the missing pieces Jens-Christian Fischer SWITCH
17:15 End of event - Apéro riche