You are an architect or TDM and you decide that is time to modernize your existing applications and take advantage from the Cloud technologies. With that, several technical question will come up specially around in how to start.

Re-build existing applications to use modern approaches like microservices or learning new programing languages and frameworks might not be an option due constrains like time, cost, complexity, etc. So what to do? Is lift-and-shift really all there is for existing applications?

This session is a high-level look around the options for adopting cloud technologies for your existing applications. You will learn about the four main cloud adoption paths (Re-host, Refactor, Rearchitect and Rebuild) by discussing and comparing them.

You can take home a better understanding about different existing approaches, advantages and pitfalls which may help you to take decisions in how to move forward with application modernization in your organization.

The referent Alexandre Menezes works at Microsoft Switzerland as a Cloud Solution Architect covering application development topics around Microsoft Azure, assisting large organizations with cloud adoption and application modernization strategies. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he has been living and working in several European countries for the last 13 years, always working with software development, architecture and consultancy.

Alexandre Menezes