With last Year's Luminous release, CEPH stabilized the BlueStore backend. With BlueStore, CEPH does no longer rely on XFS for storing data to disk. This boasts various benefits, chief among which is better performance. Before deploying our new OpenStack cloud, we benchmarked the new BlueStore backend and compared it to classic CEPH setups.

The referent Niklaus Hofer is generally interested in IT and started an apprenticeship at a larg ICT company in 2008. Over the following years his interests shifted gradually towards the topics of free and open source software, security and privacy. Eager to learn more, he went to study at the Bern University of applied sciences. During the specialisation in Information security he had the chance to work with different Blockchain technologies. Currently he works as a DevOps Engineer at stepping stone GmbH.

Niklaus Hofer