Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) development has made great progress through powerful open platforms upon which cloud-native architectures can unfold their full potential. Indeed, modern software is not just delivered as a service in isolation from its development. Software turns into cloudware instead which is inherently deliverable in high quality. The talk gives an overview about current cloudware technologies and also looks at what to expect from future post-cloud systems.

The referent Josef Spillner is a tenured senior lecturer and head of the Service Prototyping Lab at Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. His research interests include cloud-native applications, service tooling and cloud accounting & billing. With his team, he works on challenging topics such as microservices, function-as-a-service and time series analysis. His work focuses on international exchange and modernisation of research and publication approaches. Before founding the lab, he conducted research at TUD, SAP, NTUU, UFCG and UniBZ and founded the Open Source Service Platform Research Initiative to promote re-usable software for scientific work. He published a doctoral dissertation about metaquality of services and a habilitation treatise about stealth computing in multi-cloud environments.