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Christof Marti
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Michael Eichenberger
is the founder of stepping stone GmbH and has been participating the Open Cloud Day since the very beginning. Using open source solutions for his customers and in his own business, he is looking forward exchanging practical knowledge about current trends within the Open Cloud business.



Christof Marti
is Senior Lecturer and Head of the Service Engineering Research Group at ZHAW School of Engineering with R&D activities in the area of Cloud Computing (ICCLab) and Service Prototyping (SPLab). His interests are on enabling and optimizing ICT systems for cloud platforms with a specific focus on concepts and tooling to support the full lifecycle of complex cloud-native applications from design to operation.



Marjolein Zoll works for stepping stone GmbH which offers their customers personal assistance in the areas of engineering and automation of IT-services with emphasis on Open Source based solutions. She takes care of the organisational side of the company and events.