The CH Open association has been promoting open systems (open source software) and standards (open standards) in the Swiss ICT landscape since 1982. With numerous active working groups und events information and networking activities, CH Open supports companies, public administration, educational institutions and individuals, and politically advocates for more openness and sustainability in IT. CH Open has around 200 individual members, 54 collective members (companies and authorities) and 52 sponsors. Numerous cooperations with Swiss and foreign ICT associations, communities as well as universities and authorities contribute to the implementation of CH Open's concerns at all levels.

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Open Source

In today's networked world, open systems are essential for smooth communication. This is the only reason why services such as the World Wide Web or e-mail have become successful. Open source software is a central component of this movement and helps companies, public administrations, schools and private individuals to concentrate on their central tasks independently of external constraints.

Open Business

Open source should also be spread in the business world. Open Business serves as an approach to using open ideas and open content.

Open Community

CH Open is also active behind the scenes and is involved in commissions and activities such as eCH and swissICT for Open Source Software, Open Business und Open Society.

Engagement of CH Open

Working Groups

CH Open offers numerous national conferences and events (Working Groups) around the topic of Open Source. The theoretical and practical expertise of CH Open members and interested parties should thus be expanded in the area of open source software, but also in related areas such as open data, open government, open innovation and more.

The CH Open Business Events are also part of the Working Groups. They take place several times a year in Swiss cities.

Together with the Forschungsstelle Digitale Nachhaltigkeit an der Universität Bern CH Open also launches and publishes research projects in the field of open source.

Other events

CH Open organises the working groups itself or participates in third-party events. These include: Open Education Day, IT-Beschaffungskonferenz, Workshop-Tage, DINAcon and others.


CH Open is also active behind the scenes. Through its extensive network of contacts, it maintains close ties with the private sector and public administrations. The association is also involved in commissions or working groups in associations such as eCH, swissICT, Opendata.ch, Digitale Gesellschaft and others. Politically, the association is involved and represented by the Parlamentarischen Gruppe für Digitale Nachhaltigkeit.

Association CH Open

11 board members volunteer their time to CH Open. See here which people are behind it.

Executive Board


Our sponsors make it possible for open source to be promoted and new ideas to emerge. You can find our sponsors here. Sponsors

Thanks to our loyal members, we have been able to promote open source since 1982. Take a look at the current membership number. Members

The statutes of CH Open are divided into twelve individual points. Read through the points here.Statutes

CH Open regularly publishes press releases. Take a look at all previous releases here.


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